Monday, January 08, 2007

All I’m Asking For…

A lot of people had been asking for audio editing capabilities in Project5. With the addition of all the new multi i/o features, it seemed apparent that people would need some way to modify all the audio they’d be able to record. After all, nobody’s perfect. A whole new audio editor is quite an undertaking, so it seemed more efficient and flexible to allow users to use the audio editor of their choice (à la SONAR). This would also save time, as a lot of the basic code to this already exists, and more time saved equals more time to spend on other features. Wasn’t it Stravinsky who said “A good composer does not imitate, he steals”?

If only it were that easy

So steal I did. But SONAR allows a lot of different types of tools, and the internal structure is quite different so some things needed to change to work in Project5. One addition we’ve added to Project5 which fits the general paradigm is the ability to select two default editors. It’s probably not very likely someone has 5 audio editing programs installed and wants to be able to use all 5 on a frequent basis, so we permit users to select 2 default audio editors. You select the two default editors in a dialog box below. Both of these can be launched by clicking on a dropdown in the pattern editor view. But maybe two clicks is a lot of work, so the primary audio editor can be opened by clicking on a button in the same view. You can also see the button in the screen shot below:

I should note that I’m no artist and the above artwork for the button is temporary (in fact it doesn’t even match the other buttons right now).

Three’s company

So after getting all the guts hooked up, all I had left to do was to make sure it actually worked. There are a plethora of audio editors available, so I picked a few. We’ve tried it with Adobe Audition 2.0, Sound Forge, and WaveLab. It should work with others as well, these are just the ones I had available when working on the feature. So soon enough you’ll be able sit down with yourself, Project5, and the audio editor of your choice, and…well,…edit audio.



Anonymous DayDrumFour said...

Sounds fair enough. I use Sound Forge anyway and have gotten used to it. Opening it "within" Project5 should make things go faster.

growing impatient..........

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats awesome stuff. have you guys tried audacity?

1:14 AM  
Blogger Kenneth said...

Beat me to it - Audacity is my weapon of choice. Being able to launch it from P5 will be very useful.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous AgincourtDB said...

Very nice. Looking forward to using Goldwave within P5.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am excited about what is happening with Project5 v2.5. I love the Idea about ACT but moreover, total control surface support, which means I can use my BCF2000 in both P5 and Sonar 5 without have to switch over to the M-audio 49 to control P5 and have my automation reflected on my motorized faders, Yee Ha!

The only thing I haven't seen, and I am not sure if this has already been discussed already, but I haven’t heard of the inclusion of a full mixer. I know that you are not trying to Make P5 exactly like Sonar, but you must admit that a mixer is indeed needed. All users do not have to use it, just like everyone doesn't use it in Sonar, however, those users, such as my self, who were used to mixing with hardware mixers, love mixing on the channel strips with fader and pan pots while monitoring the LED for clipping.

Thanks for all you've done so far and will continue to do.


Jesse G

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, Project 5 seems to be getting bigger, better, and badder (bad meaning good ;o) ) I have a lot of cakewalk products, and look forward to getting my hands on the new vesion of project 5.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Editing audio is fine, but of more importance would be the ability to audition non-acidized audio. Please add two algorithms, one for beats and one for song and I would stop thinking of any other DAW.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really pleased with this, I use sound forge also. I am also happy in the fact the the P5 team is really listening to the product users input, that alone is enough to convice all those who are straddling the fence in terms of buying P5 compared to other programs. To be honest I really don't see any other product seriously competing with P5, I've tried most other products before (reason, live, ect.) and I like P5 better. All the features P5 offer and including dimension and the other synths\ samplers for only $199.00 that's hard to beat.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very nice feature. But as someone else said timestretching of non acidized files is now essential. Izotope Omega or zplane should easily do the job.

Great work so far.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Video Art said...

This sounds great I'm using Sound Forge have for years.

I don't know if this the right place to ask for other features but...
One thing I've been missing in P5 the
ability to do program changes in the timeline. Back in the P5 1.0 days I mentioned this on the forum and someone actually wrote a VB script to do the changes but it's kind of cumbersome. Can't program changes be inserted in the track timeline somehow?

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Mercury said...

I will look forward to editing audio with Sonar. It has such nice features such as Audiosnap & V-vocal. I really hope that opening Sonar for audio editing will be quick and seamless. reat News

2:15 PM  

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